Tribe Kids: October 2021 Workout Details

Tribe Kids: Seek Courage

Welcome to October Tribe Kids! This month we “Seek Courage,” by doing a workout, rucking some miles, and reading about amazing humans who have conquered their fears and done something that they were once afraid to do, but now is common in their lives. Because we must build our courage by taking progressively greater risks, practice doing something difficult everyday! As you get better at things that are challenging, everything else in life will seem a bit easier too. Just as Sarah Gerhardt steadily surfed bigger and bigger waves and Jabari eventually jumped off the diving board (8 and under books), and Madeleine learned how to survive in a new world (8-12 year old book), you too can conquer bigger and bigger challenges by being consistently courageous. We believe in you, so let’s do this!

Workout A:

Ruck in nature for 20 minutes.

*Find a local nature park or trail and walk around. Take some deep breaths and smell autumn in the air.

Workout B:

October Workout for Kids 8 and Under:

“Take the Leap”

:40 secs buy-in WARRIOR pose (:20 secs/side)


AMRAP in 3-5 minutes:

2 pop-ups + 10 meter sprint (sprint 10 meters after each pop-up, so a total of 20 meters)

4 hand release push-ups

6 lunges

October Workout for Kids 8-12 Years Old:

“Take the Leap”

1 min buy-in WARRIOR pose (:30 secs per side)


AMRAP in 8 minutes:

4 pop-ups + 10 meter sprint (sprint 10 meters after each pop-up, so a total of 40 meters)

6 hand release push-ups

12 walking lunges (with ruck on)

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