The Toughest Sandbags Ever Built

Proving GORUCK Tough Sandbags_Built in the USA_24

Before we released our Sandbags we tested them and then the testing turned into proving and a year and a half later I’ll make you a claim:

GORUCK’s Sandbags are the toughest ever built and they represent the very best of American Manufacturing.

And I know what you’re thinking anyone can say anything America is a free country and something about the First Amendment. So I like proof to back up my claims and here you go:

We offer our Scars Lifetime Guarantee on Sandbags. If you break them or rip them, we’ll repair or replace them. We don’t need to know the date of purchase and we can recognize our own gear. So play hard.

Yes, there are a couple disclaimers, here ya go:

  • You have to use them with the Filler Bags, which we include with every Sandbag.
  • You can’t use them as slam bags, especially on concrete.
  • And speaking of concrete, you can’t drag them for a mile on concrete or they will fail. I have proof because we tested that.

I know of no other gear company that goes to such lengths to test its gear in the wild. Having stress machines inside of your R&D facility is fine and we have those, too. But we’d rather be Rocky than the Russian from Rocky IV kind of deal and the reason we are able to test and prove our gear in the wild is because of our Events. So thanks for showing up and asking not for less weight but for more strength, together. And then your Cadre has a big smile and Sandbags galore and the goal is to abuse them beyond failure.

And they do which means you do so thank you for being such an integral part of the process of building the toughest gear on the planet. We literally could not do it without you.

Full post on proving them here.

Sandbags here.



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