The Rucking Revolution But Rucking Sucks … Right? … Wrong.

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Welcome to the Rucking Revolution … But rucking sucks and it’s so extreme only masochists enjoy it so it’s destined to fail… right?


People of KT5K_592_V2

The Rucking Revolution is thriving, as proof I offer the second largest event in our history, Kill That 5K, Jax Beach. People from all walks of life showed up. Babies in strollers, kids, parents, grand-parents, military veterans, endurance athletes, GORUCK Selection finishers, and a lot of folks rucking the Kill That 5K to start a more active life.

And we saw a spirit of encouragement from everyone, for everyone else. This is the vibe that is absolutely GORUCK, and it’s a vibe we’re proud to showcase.

To join us, it’s simple. Grab a backpack or a rucksack and put some weight in it, grab some friends, and go for a walk. In your neighborhood, at your school, or on the trails. It’s called rucking and it’s infinitely cooler than TV or Facebook especially when you bring some real friends not Facebook friends lol cause no one rucks alone in the GORUCK universe.

To help grow the Rucking Revolution, share this post with your friends and ask them one question:

Wanna Ruck?

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