My Garage Gym Build Out

Adaptation is our way of life. In one of many changes we’ve made recently, our garage is now a garage gym, and it’s seeing a lot of action while we’re on lockdown.

Here’s my “build out”:

It’s not fancy. It already had the USA Flag and other awesome stuff to give it that right vibe. All in, it took me less than five minutes to build it out, find a workout, and start blasting the music.

I left the garage door open, before you know it, Jack wandered in and asked what I was doing. 

Sandbag Clean and Press, my boy.

Can I try? he said.

Sure. Here ya go, squat all the way down, keep a straight back.

The sandbag weighed more than he did so instead he went and got his rucksack and filled it with books. His smiles made my day.

He did the work, I did the work, we did it together.

We got our workouts from the Ruck at Home Series my buddy Jason Khalipa helped us put together.

Then Ryan came into our Garage Gym, and turned it into the Thunderdome. Metallica kept blasting, the boys were the boys, I finished my workout and felt a lot better about everything. They wore each other out some more, and my hope grew for an early bedtime (for all of us).

We all know what the fundamentals are — eat well, move more, sleep — it’s just about accepting the personal responsibility to follow that plan. “Brilliance in the Basics” is what Rich calls it. This style of Garage Gym fun reminds me of primitive Army style deployment training where you do what you can, wherever you are, with what you have. It’s a little more raw, and a little more awesome. You’ll remember that part of this lockdown fondly.

Staying active is absolutely something we can control, so let’s lead from the front and do that.

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  1. Lea Callais says:

    Bravo ??
    Love the quote by Rich: Brilliance in the Basics. I learned that during my time in PSYOP in the early to late mid 90s. The Special Ops community was excellent for that practice without you realizing that you were doing it in every aspect of you job.
    This time with your boys is priceless! You are such a good hero/role model for them to learn the basics for having a great life.
    Currently healing from foot surgery in February (& a tonsillectomy in November of last year which postponed the foot surgery). and doing self guided PT at home. I am so eager to get beck to Rucking- I shave not been able to since the Light in Normandy last year! When I am cleared by my Dr, I will start back at Rucking, slow and steady to build myself up. I want to do a 12 miler next year!

  2. Nate says:

    Love it …. always been about keeping it simple (K.I.S.S.) workout setup …. thanks for sharing !!! #keeptraining


    This site the boots, the post the caliper of people on the absolutely love for quality of life reverence for God and love for our great country really warms my heart keep up the good work and thank you all of you that serve and to make this a great country all of my love and respect to all of you

  4. Seth Beckhardt says:

    Just snagged a plate carrier, which adds to my KISS garage gym of bands (10 – 50), a couple of kettlebells, four plates (20, 25, 30, 45), two sandbags (60 and 80), a Rucker and a bicycle. See you guys in 2021.

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