GORUCK Star Course Jacksonville: 5/10/15K Results

We couldn’t let DC have all the fun; so we Beta Tested the 5K, 10K, and 15K Star Course in Jacksonville and it passed the sniff test!

15K 1st Place Team

15K Finish Time 15K Team Name
2:36:40 RuckIT
2:54:52 Ruckers & Dale Vs. Evil

10K 1st Place Team

10K Finish Time 10K Team Name
1:53:00 Are We There Yet?
1:56:00 Rebel Scum Ruckers
2:14:15 Navidigators
2:24:50 Free Chicken and Beer

5K 1st Place Team

5K Finish Time 5K Team Name
1:04:15 The G’s
1:17:00 Taco Tuesday
1:33:45 Team Paczkowski

Youngest Participant – Lucas, 7 years old

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