Fieldcraft at the Ascent, Colorado

Fieldcraft is an art, a set of techniques on how to operate seamlessly in any and every environment. Green Berets are well trained to operate among the austere, and one of their core missions is to train others to do the same. So Ascenters learned navigation and survival, among others, and then applied them to missions they planned, led, and executed.

GPS is a supplement to but not a substitute for knowing how to read a map and use a compass. Machines will fail you, especially when you need them most.

As taskings came down, Ascenters planned their own routes and, as they got more clever, learned to request things. Like intel, and food.

Hunting, and tracking are the essentials in a survival situation. What to look for, and what it means, how to navigate in either a wartime or a friendly environment.

All fieldcraft goes better with cold beer. Preferably Big Sky.

Always improve your situation. Shelter is key.

The interior strands of our Survival Straps bracelet made into a fishing net.

The Dakota Fire Hole, something every Green Beret knows how to build – and never forgets building in the schoolhouse. It is below the ground, and therefore tactical for its low visibility. It can be used for warmth and for cooking, but the holes must be dug and connected properly.

A door prize and big smiles. To share everything, and look out for each other, is perhaps the most important technique of all.

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