Featured GORUCK Club: Mitch Monarchino and the Red Rock Ruck Club

“I got in to GORUCK after watching the Team Assessment back in May of this year. I was scrolling through Facebook, saw the live feed that morning, and was instantly hooked. After that event was over I signed up for the Extortion 17 GORUCK Tough event on August 9th in Des Moines and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I purchased a G2 with a 30lb GORUCK plate, the MACV-1s, along with other items from your company before the event and have been rucking ever since. My next goal is to complete a GORUCK Tough and Light back to back, then move on to a Heavy.”

“I started the club a few weeks after my first GORUCK Tough event. I became friends with some of the Des Moines Ruck Club crew, looked around Iowa to see what other clubs were available and saw that there were none around my area. I wanted to share the experiences I had along with the fun, health benefits, and awesome community you can create through rucking. I bring two backpacks and extra bricks for anyone that wants to try it or in case we have some people that want to go heavier.”

“I am a CrossFit trainer in Pella, where the club resides, and have been coaching CrossFit for over 4+ years. Like CrossFit my ruck club is all about community. Many of my CrossFit athletes come and ruck a few times a week with me continuing that strong community atmosphere. Since I have started this club I have had other CrossFit gyms and companies reach out to me asking to sponsor or join my club. One company was IRIS Coffee Company, a coffee roasting and distributor here in town. We started our ruck next to the shop and ended there with some free hot coffee waiting for us.”

“My future goals are to move all around Lake Red Rock, which has many hills, trails, creeks, plus the water environment to spice up the rucks we go on. I want to start a team to train for the Team Assessment and bring my crew to as many GORUCK events as possible. I am also working on shirts, patches, and other apparel ideas along with CrossFit competitions we can throw rucking into. Once the wedding is over, it’s a go.”

– Mitch Monarchino of the Red Rock Ruck Club (Pella, Iowa)


  1. Adyle says:

    I was amazed to see this amazing group is based in IOWA! LOL. Not that i have anything against IOWA, just that I always had this vision of a GORUCK Selection cornfield course in my mind. You all are amazing people, and being in one of your neighboring states, I’d be honored to be able to visit your gym and rucking crew sometime for an event. Keep up the excellence!

  2. Denise Cordello says:

    That’s awesome! I saw a feed on FB and I joined a local club here- LOVE it! Would like to train to try a tough challenge! Next year the star course! Good luck to you and your crew♥️
    Denise – ruck buddies Batavia NY

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