Bring Your Kid to Work Day: GORUCK Edition

Oftentimes an official “Bring Your Kid to Work Day” will involve a tour of mom or dad’s office, a basic overview of the company and a fun kid-friendly activity. But here at GORUCK we do things differently.

We decided to give our kids an education in rucking. Now some of these kids are no strangers to rucking and rucking PT. Owners Jason and Emily McCarthy’s three brought their own rucks and weight plates to show some of the newest employee’s kids what’s up.

The workout was lead by the events team that is no stranger to PT, but a little unfamiliar when it comes to instructing kids. Simon Says, Red Light – Green Light and Alligators & Snakes were among the games played all with KR1’s on their backs.

Some tears were shed, boo-boos kissed and definitely lots of smiles and laughter had.

And of course we ended with patches and popsicles.

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