CrossFitters Take Their Greatest Challenge Yet


“When Owen Valuch of CrossFit Sav-Up was trying to convince longtime friend Matt Transue of CrossFit Sonoma County to participate in a GORUCK Tough challenge, Transue was hesitant.

“For me, (Valuch) has always been the guy that says, ‘Hey, this is something that you need, and I don’t want you to question it,’” Transue explains. “And of course I always question shit that he says because it’s always crazy.”

Transue, a high-school teacher and CrossFit trainer, has experienced ups and downs in his fitness and was unsure he could complete the challenge successfully. After high-school football ended, Transue says he lost touch with the fit guy he once was.

“I couldn’t compete,” he says. “There wasn’t a cause anymore. There wasn’t something to get ready for.”

Noticing his friend’s predicament, Valuch, a fire-service instructor and CrossFit trainer, encouraged Transue to take charge of his health and introduced him to CrossFit.

“Fitness—you can’t fuck around with it,” Valuch says. “You have to be physically fit in life to function.”

Watch as the two join their team and take on what is arguably their greatest challenge yet.

Video by Gary Roberts.”


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