Why we offer a GORUCK SCARS Lifetime Guarantee


We proudly overbuild our gear in America. It’s tough, it’s badass, and it’ll last you a lifetime. Of course, anyone can say stuff, Freedom of Speech and all.

But we prove our commitment with our Scars Lifetime Guarantee.

We know you’re hard on your gear, and we know you pay a lot of $$ for it. So, if you’re actually able to damage it without the help of fire, a machine gun, or stuff like that, we’ll fix it free of charge.

We’ve never quantified the value of our Scars program, which would be impossible to do anyway, and it costs a lot to run. We just always thought it was a cool service to offer, a service we wanted for our gear. And it’s definitely in line with our mission to Do Right By People. So that’s what we do.

P.S. I’ve gotten a lot of questions over the years about why it’s called Scars. One day in 2010 I thought “Chicks dig scars, we should call it Scars.” So we did, and the name stuck. Thanks to Evel Knievel for the inspiration.

Learn more about SCARS.


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