SCARS: Joe’s One-of-a-kind Murder Red GR1

Meet Joe aka Joey Block Party. He’s the one handling all of your SCARS requests via email. We wanted to congratulate him on a pretty cool accomplishment. He’s been training to become an official SCARS Technician and to earn your stripes one of your tasks is to build a GR1 from scratch an have our Lead Technician, SP, inspect it.

If you’re wondering how long it took him. Joe said, “I started cutting out all the pieces in November. I was then able to sew here and there sparingly in December but it wasn’t until January where I could devote most the day to it. Probably four and half weeks of actual sewing time total to finish.”

Well, congrats Joe. He’s just finished his one-of-a-kind Murder Red GR1 with grey accents. This ruck was earned and won’t be sold. Special thanks to those who offered their guidance to Joe along the way, we’re looking at you SP and Jodi.

We set the quality bar high here and we stand by our statement that American manufacturing is the best in the world. Learn more about the SCARS Lifetime Guarantee here.