Sam Adams x Monster Oh Yeah GORUCK Too?

We’re no strangers to beering so wondering if anyone out there knows anyone at Sam Adams. Cutting to the chase (PTBUF’ing if you will) is important and if we put this picture on our GR1 page it would get ~1 million views in the next year. Find GORUCK’s website hits-ish here. In addition to the other things we could do via Events etc, 1 million ain’t bad and GR1 is our best selling anything since forever.

But everyone asks for free beer so they’re not answering Monster’s call. And yes kill your cynicism or whatever, Monster loves Sam, see below. Must be the ‘Merica thing. Huh, ‘magine that.

Important to us is the national distribution and the solid brand. Not to mention the deliciousness. If you got a lead please email us at attention Monster x Beer, he’s QB’ing this operation.


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  1. Eric says:

    If, for some unfathomable reason, Sam isn’t interested or you can’t get him on the phone you might try Sierra Nevada or Stone Brewing. They’re both solid brands, US-owned, and sold nation-wide… oh! and delicious.

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