Red MOLLE GR2 & Rogue Athletes at the CrossFit Games

Caity, our friend from Rogue Fitness and former CF Games Champ, asked us if we could build something special for the Rogue Athletes competing in The CrossFit Games so we were like sure no problem what do you want. She’s like some red on a black GR2 and we napkin sketched it and went back and forth via email and it was pretty simple like that. So we sourced some new materials and made a few extra to throw on our site since she wanted 20 and anything less than, say, 100 at a time is not ideal because of no efficiencies of scale meaning labor and materials and all that good stuff.

And insert Monster because everything looks better with Monster no doubt and we don’t have plans to bring these back unless someday we go vintage or something but it’s weird to think about something now being vintage then so here it is, now:

GR0 is sold out
GR1 here.
GR2 here.

GORUCK Rogue Athletes_GR2_CrossFit Games

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