Prices Are Increasing – A Note From Our Founder

UPDATE (September 1, 2018):

We’ve gotten lots of feedback these last couple weeks since we announced our first ever price increase, and I wanted to first thank you all for your notes — I’ve read thousands of them, including your cost analyses, market comparisons, new business plans, proposals for building a bigger team of sewers here in America and proposals for offshoring everything, for taking on more SKU’s and fewer SKU’s, for doing less, for doing more. Some of your notes took me fifteen minutes to read and another twenty to re-read, they were that detailed. A few notes of support rolled in, too. I’m grateful so many of you took the time to share your opinions, good bad and ugly.

The most important question to answer, I believe, is what does GORUCK stand for and how do we reconcile that with the really high prices we charge for our gear. How can we be an accessible, populist movement fueled at our core by working class Americans if we charge $395 for GR1? Are we pricing out too many good people? Are we becoming some sort of luxury brand?

It’s pretty simple, though, really. We’re an American brand dedicated to the Special Forces way of life, excellence and all. Prices on our manufactured goods are going up because costs have been going up for a long time — and I don’t mean dumb costs like champagne and caviar and private jet fuel, that’s not our style. I’m talking manufacturing costs and providing premium service, to you, with goods that meet our Special Forces life or death quality standards and are built to last you a lifetime of memories.

Free Shipping, Free Returns, Scars Lifetime Guarantee — there’s a lot of (new) value there, including an expansions of Scars to include rucksacks, apparel, and footwear.

Our HQ team in Jax Beach, Florida is lean and yet more mature than ever, and our operations are efficient. It’s no small feat to scale quality, hand built gear and execute 1,000 Events led by Special Forces guys all over the world, every year. It’s taken us, our entire team, the last decade to get to where we are, right now, with an active and engaged community, and we’re exactly where we’re supposed to be.

But we simply can’t run today’s GORUCK, and especially not tomorrow’s, on yesterday’s prices. If we kept on trying, quality would have to decrease and service would have to go down, and those are compromises I’m not willing to make, and they’re not compromises you want us to make. I’d rather we hold the line on building the absolute very best and maintaining higher and higher ground.

At a personal level, I’m not interested in selling GORUCK the company and I have no intentions of retiring, ever (Emily is really glad about that one). I love the work here because I love the community and because I love our team. Harkening back to the first counseling statement I got as a Green Beret, Those to whom much is given, much is expected, and I believe I have a lot more to give, I believe we have a lot more to give at GORUCK, by with and through our community, and I believe we’re fighting the good fight together for the values we hold dear.

No part in there said we’re a brand about OK gear at OK prices, that’s just not us. So yes, prices are going up. We’re delaying the increase through the weekend (~Tuesday morning realistically) so you have a little more time and so that our team can enjoy Labor Day weekend instead of real time answering your notes and emails about how you missed the sale by an hour or a day, can you have the old price (the answer was yes, by the way, and thanks for the support).

In sum, we build great stuff. But it’s still just stuff. If you buy less and do more with people you love, if you take a chance and try something new every once in a while, if you find something bigger than yourself and serve that cause, that sounds to me like a great way to lead a meaningful life. And that matters so much more than what’s in our closet, or our trunk, or even on our backs.

John Wayne once said, A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. This is one of those instances, nothing more, nothing less. Standards across the board are and can and will continue to go up, and please hold us to that. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thanks for the support,

Jason McCarthy
Founder, GORUCK

ORIGINAL POST (August 14, 2018):

In 2008, when we first started the journey of creating GR1, my only focus was to build a rucksack that would thrive in Baghdad and NYC, that would live up to Special Forces standards so that I didn’t get blacklisted from the community I loved. I had no idea what it would cost to build and I had no idea what we would charge. My non-existent business plan and zero experience in manufacturing made that easy.

One thing was clear to me, though: “Founded by a Green Beret, made in China” never felt right, and quality was always a life or death proposition for us, so we decided to take the long and lonely road of building our rucksacks here, at home in the USA.

Two and a half years later, GR1 was ready, and I saw the price from the manufacturer and thought that was our death sentence. It cost us what I was hoping to charge you. Which clearly wasn’t gonna work.

Eventually, and very reluctantly, in 2010 we settled on GR1’s debut retail price of $295. It felt like a ton of cash, a price I never would have paid, and silence was the world’s answer at launch because we were unproven and our prices were 5-10X as much as people expected to pay for a “backpack”. But we were officially up and running. I had every sale set to trigger an email to my phone, which wasn’t a problem because nobody was buying. One guy told me “the only reason I clicked on GR1 was because I was so fascinated by how something so simple looking could cost so damn much.”

Over the years, we’ve been fortunate. To keep manufacturing at home in America, to meet so many of you at our thousands of events, to expose millions to rucking, to hear the stories of what you’ve done with your gear. The best part of GORUCK is and will always be the people, and you’ve built us up from nothing to what we are today. I’m very proud that GORUCK feels elite without being elitist.

Meanwhile, in the background of what feels like a huge success story to me, about some Special Forces guy and his wife who took their deployment money from service overseas to build one ruck and eventually built a real movement of people committed to something more, to the Special Forces way of life, the economy moves forward, labor prices go up — in some cases 33%, material prices go up, shipping prices go up, inflation happens — it never ends. These are not the joys of a small business. And yet, Lead With Transparency remains a value we live by at GORUCK.

So instead of surprising our community, and that means you, about a price increase on all pieces of GORUCK gear and apparel, we wanted to give you fair warning. So here it is: September 1 at midnight, prices across the board on GORUCK built Rucksacks and Apparel are going up, on average 20-30%. This will be GR1‘s first ever price increase.

However, we’re also finalizing new shipping costs and improving the level of service you can expect on all GORUCK orders. Nobody likes to pay for shipping or returns, we’ve heard you loud and clear (and measured abandoned cart rates), and you want to track your order seamlessly from start to finish, no matter what. These are reasonable expectations this day and age. Our Earned Service Discount will continue at 25% off of marked prices, and it will continue to be available to Military, Law Enforcement, Fire, First Responders, Govt. Employees, Students and Teachers. Who knows, if you make friends with someone serving (and buy them a case of beer), they might even let you use their discount. You can do that now, before prices go up, or at any time in the future. That’ll be up to you all.

We’ve always prided ourselves in doing things a little different, and this is no exception. And here’s the bright side — for those of you who already own our gear … its value is only increasing, and our Scars Lifetime Guarantee remains in place, now till forever. No proof of purchase necessary, we can recognize our own gear, and we’re proud you can, too.

Thanks for the support,

Jason McCarthy
Founder, GORUCK


  1. WR Jordan says:

    I know you guys try to stay pretty apolitical but did this have anything to do with recent tariffs?

  2. jason says:

    We’re mostly insulated from tariffs because the driver of our costs is American labor, but those costs have gone up significantly over time. Google labor costs in Washington state (big increases) and California remains a very high cost state to do business, and a lot of our gear is made there. We’ve explored other vendors in less expensive states, in theory anyway (Texas, North Carolina), and were disappointed by the quality we got or the cost they wanted to charge us. In one instance, a manufacturing facility wanted to charge us over $200/unit. Cost to us. I have a lot of thoughts on USA Manufacturing, pretty easily summed up by the fact that it’s easier to oversee quality here, and it’s really expensive. And yeah, everything seems to be getting more expensive, tariffs or not.

  3. Shawn O'Donnell says:

    Im not an economist but, if labor cost have gone up in the US I say good, that means that probably wages have gone up with them and I want Americans to get a raise. I like that you said yes to quality and possible headaches and no to cheap and price margins, everyone else does that but GORUCK is not everyone else. Put another way as a Tough vet, an owner of no less than four GORUCK products and a loyal customer for life please, don’t feel you need to explain or apologize for building the best damn gear out there and providing jobs for Americans. I sent my pants in for repair, without blinking GORUCK sent me a new pair. Your competitors don’t do that, they build in China and warranty what warranty. Heck what do people spend on a cooler the days? Two of my best friend’s from high school were in the Special Forces, so I have much love for GORUCK and what it is all about. Keep building it I’ll keep buying it.

  4. Brandon Schill says:

    I have 2 bags and a bunch of other items. You can expect me to wait and buy on the 2nd out of principle. Good gear. Built well.

  5. Kenny G. says:

    I appreciate the honesty and transparency of GORUCK, but if we’re being honest a 20-30% increase on a $300 pack now pushes it to a whopping $360 before taxes which let’s say is 8%(reasonable rate) that puts the pack total at $388 for a GR1. I’m sorry, I love and support American made companies but there is no way I’m paying that when I can get other great packs for 200-250 out the door. Just like a Gucci or Prada bag GORUCK packs have become simply a name you are paying for. Us middle class folks can’t afford near $400 for a 25L GR1 pack. That’s insane. As they say “a fool and his money are soon parted.” Some people will blindly pay the ridiculous price while shouting #‘Merica!! but a lot of us financialy sensitive folk will take our hard earned cash elsewhere. I think you’re making a huge mistake GORUCK, but you do you. I’ll keep my old GR1 but will not be replacing it once it wears out. Best of luck to you.

  6. Kenny G says:

    I wonder what their operating costs are relative to their profit margins. With $400+ backpacks and $150+ pants I bet they’re being greedy and trying to push profit margins of 15% or more when in reality for most retailers they should be happy with 3-5%. They’re just passing the operating costs onto the customers while I’m betting the top execs keep their cushy 100K+ a year salaries. Shameful really but hey nothing new in the business world

  7. James Karban III says:

    Screw the whiners in this post. Entrepreneurship is hard. You deserve to make money selling an American made product…one that has a fabulous guarantee. If a bag is going to cost $60 more, and it keeps the quality high, workers jobs and some cash to the owners pocket…great work! You pioneered the rucking community to civilians.

    At some point, it boils down to the unobtainable triangle. Price. Quality. Service. You can have 2, but not all three…so your loyal customers will pick quality and service. Sounds like a nice ideal customer profile to me. HooYah GoRuck!!!

    But I also refuse to shop at Walmart…people that shop there are the sell outs. Bitching about prices while your dollar leaves the community and country….making a family wealthy.

  8. Been using Goruck since 2013, used to own the GR2, 40 & 34L, sold them and now left with the GR1 26L Wolf Gray, Black Camo and Bullet for my EDC, also have the Kit Bag 32 & 57L, waiting for my Workshop thats was pre-ordered.

    Had all the sizes of the Field Pockets and Simple Side Pockets, never had any issues.

    IMHO, sad to hear of the price increase but as the saying goes, ” Good things are not Cheap & Cheap things are not Good ”

    With that said, will still buy Goruck stuffs, won’t be so often and will be more selective due to price increase.

    After 5 years of usage, never had any issues with any of them, trust me, I dun baby my Goruck’s, rain or shine, dirt, etc…. I just use them as intended, occasionally just a damp cloth to wipe off any stains and they’re good to go.

    I’m a Sucker for Quality bag packs, been looking for 1 for the longest time, won’t mention any Brands but for those who knows, they’re understand what I meant.

    Wat more Goruck’s stuff are low profile, No Brands sticking out out like an Eyesore.

    So if I have to pay slightly more for that, than be it, just continue with the good Quality Control and never compromise.


  9. Mat says:

    I’m impressed you’ve made it this long without an increase. The GR1 I’ve had since 2011 is fantastic. I just wish you made a tactical sling. I feel cheap using one that’s not GoRuck. Bring out a “camera” bag! (See a fantastic example in the link) I would love to have a GoRuck version of one. The problem with getting a GR backpack is once you figure out the one you want, you don’t need another GR – but a tactical sling would be an immediate addition for when I don’t need full carry.

    iPad, 6 pack, pens and cables, raincoat and hat, and still a little room. You guys need this.

  10. jason says:

    Yes, each order comes with a free return shipping label. What will be possible to improve is the time it takes to issue a refund.

  11. jason says:

    We’re actually trying to lower the international shipping costs, it’s a process with the carriers. And we realize you’ll all get hit with more tariffs etc., making everything that much more expensive.

  12. Rupert Granville says:

    I’m a Brit and proud of it. If we made rucks this good here at home, I’d buy British, no question. But we don’t. Moral of the story – don’t dilute your quality for the sake of margin. I’ll be continuing to buy GR and happy to pay the extra. Now, if you change your mind about off-shoring, make me a happy bloke and do it in the UK….!!

  13. Tal Z Kazaz says:

    Hello, I think increase should start easy.
    As a start 10% it’s fair and each year 5% will be easy to swallow.
    I do believe loyal customers will buy but overall I strongly believe that sell will drop drastically overtime’s.
    Goruck use to be the king but there is a lot of new great bags on Kickstarte and other American made.
    Imagine Nyc subway will increase price from $3 to $4/ $4.25 it’s a lot!
    But I wish you the best guys!

  14. K says:

    Mystery Ranch > Goruck
    Made in USA
    Excellent materials (Cordura,YKK etc)
    $100-$150 cheaper
    ‘Nuff said.

  15. Max G says:

    Will Goruck Tac Hat be back, and if yes, will you offer it in different sizes (bigger dome for bigger heads)?

  16. Jorge says:

    This is heartbreaking , really wanted to get a GR1 closer to the holidays, but I’m never going to have $400 backpack money

  17. Steve says:

    Just placed an order for a GR1 21L with the student discount. I’m looking at it as an investment lol.

  18. Mark says:

    The products are very expensive. However, it is the best backpack I’ve ever had. I’ve had my gr1 for 4 years and it looks and works as perfect as the first day. Quality is expensive

  19. Ravi says:

    Does your manufacturer also use US made raw materials during their final assembly? What are their maximum batch sizes for a production run? Don’t mean to pry on your inventory cost measures, but it seems like these manufacturers are kind of pricing you out of your market. Thanks for the notice so I can stock up before the 1st. 😉

  20. Dude says:

    I hope I don’t offend. We have become spoiled and gained a false sense of entitlement as far as prices are concerned. We no longer manufacture goods here in USA. What you are experiencing is the truth about what it really costs today to manufacture goods. You should be ashamed because you are riding off the backs of whomever is creating your foreign made goods at bottom dollar. Often times these people are treated harshly and lack basic rights that you take for granted. Its ignorant to think you can get something for a lower price and not cut a corner some where, sometimes the corner you cut is unethical. We are not paying attention to inflation because we insulate ourselves by buying cheaper on amazon. Stop trying to shame people who don’t cut corners when they manufacture. Just like anything else americans want, we used to wait to save the funds to buy what we want and now we just demand to have it now for cheaper. Do us americans hold to any standards or principal anymore? Wow SMDH..

  21. Dude says:

    Yeah and other retailers might be bigger or able to handle 3-5% and keep the doors open. Maybe other retailers leverage the homestead in debt to keep those doors open. I’m trying to imagine what the “executives” look like at goruck with the 100k salaries.. If they are like any other startup in America they put that salary right back into the machine as fuel to keep it running. It takes years and years before a company can offer its owner anything you can call a salary. If owners didnt feed thier company with thier own funds like this you would have never heard of Ford or Levis or any other brand. They woukd no longer be around.. sorry just reality.

  22. Dude says:

    You are comparing entrepreneurs to a government system that operates on tax funds.. not even close to the same. When NYC subway raises rates its because a union forced them to or they are mismanaging the funding they have.. usually they just raise taxes.

  23. Dude says:

    Agreed.. I think folks can’t tell the difference between hard work/sacrifice and thievery.. Most think they are the same.

  24. Nuno says:

    Hi Jason,

    On top of the 30% price increase, extra tarifs and expensive shipping one has to consider the all time high dollar value regarding other currencies.

    Not all live in a strong economy like the US (but I guess that’s the least thing to keep you awake at night).

    I’ve sold my GR1 in order to buy a GR2 and (not sure if you care) will surely not be able to do so.

    Wish you all the best for yourself, your business and your employees but… can’t go that far to pay 600€ for it.


  25. Jason says:

    I love the GORUCK products,…i can sense that you just want to make good products without charging a arm or a leg,… to be honest, i was scared to buy something in the beginning due to price but now that i used it,… it is the best product for its money and i’m seeing that i’m buying something every two months since, lol. I have my bullet ruck with me with all the additional goodies with me when i go hike and i have GR2 for my school and overnights… NO-ONE near me has this product and it is truly one of a kind. I do wish that more people would know the value of this product and that it is made in USA. Thank you for staying true to RWB, because we need more people like yourself to stay business in US.

  26. Matt McMahon says:

    So how does the GR1 made in the USA/increase in labor prices square with the lower cost new boots made in Vietnam? I love what you’re saying about made in the USA and higher quality and all that jazz about how GORUCK will never skimp on quality and how quality can only be obtained in the USA but then we have the boots made in Vietnam…? How does that jive? How do you assure quality of a product made in Vietnam and how do you push the made in the USA stamp when the boots aren’t made here? I’m not saying it’s wrong and honestly I’ll likely buy the boots if they’re released in any color other than black. I just always wondered how the two approaches (boots – cheaper/made in Vietnam and Gear – more expensive but made in the USA) jived.

    Also – your marketing team deserves a raise… they took books made in Vietnam (a detractor) and turned it into a heartfelt, tearjerker of a story of a man returning to Vietnam years after his tour of duty ended. They should work for a Fortune 500 company.

  27. Martino (Tino) Calaprice says:

    I’ve been on the fence about buying the GR3 or something smaller. I’m new to this civilian ruck thing, but did plenty in the Marine Corps so its like riding a bike (just older and more hurts). After reading your story of why prices are goung up, I might just buy 2 packs, some other training gear like sandbags etc. Your stuff is great quality and if it helps a vet out, even better! Also that veteran discount helps too :D. I hope my purchase helps with a mortgage payment or kids’ college tuition because I’m all or nothing and I like what I see! TYFYS!

  28. Dillon says:

    Is there anything we as a community can do to help grow this company and ensure the continuity of GORUCK?

  29. Upset says:

    I strongly believe that this is due to Trump’s tariffs and it’s quite sad that this isn’t being acknowledged…. Suddenly, it has been realized, after ten years, that costs have gone up?? I’m not buying it… (literally)

    (No tough guy replies, please, I’m already well aware of how tough internet users are…)

  30. Dude says:

    Last time I checked we still have a first ammendment. When you bring your comments out on a public forum then it is assumed you are ok with others presenting thier opinions which according to the first amendment are protected. So you have just invited comments and opinions to be brought up on subject matter that is known to be inflammatory. You are purposely inciting a verbal conflict by bringing up political crap. You are free to buy or not buy whatever product you want sir.. stop trying to start flame wars please.

  31. David says:

    @jason: quit whining about economics. You pretend to have a great Ruck which was made in America but you still outsource it to some company anywhere in the US where it is made by some poor mexicans who work for minimum wage. Where is the difference between this scenario and a chinese production? Why dont you have already your own production? You give away your knowledge about your Ruck and improve the quality of other companies who will take all information and go to china and let them produce their product there. You think they cannot compare in terms of quality? Who is making your TV, Smartphone, Computer and other things where high quality is needed? Exactly, the chinese. Oh, and if you order the Rucks, are you 100% sure that they are made in the US? Are you sure that your contractor is not manufacturing in China anyway?

    Get your sh*t together and manufacture the products by yourself and give the margin to your customers instead of a contractor. Hire people who are trained to create your Ruck and will stay the same within the next years. Start with some small items to get the supply chain running and grow until everything is made by you.
    Additionally you could also come up with some creative products instead of the same backpack over and over with just slight changes.

    Cheers David

  32. Upset says:

    Bringing up political crap?? Tariffs are a FACT of trade that have existed for A LONG time, the fact that you’d automatically get offended shows a lot about you and that you don’t understand manufacturing… What inflammatory subjects?? Are you kidding?? New tariffs are installed, prices go up and I’m not allowed to talk about it because you say so?? Gimme a break, buddy, you’re exactly the kind of tough guy I was talking about…. You are the one who replied, because you don’t want me to have an opinion that differs from yours, all while ironically talking about freedom of speech, so please stop trying to start flame wars. Also, last time I checked, we still have a First Amendment.

  33. Mark says:

    Thanks Jason. I appreciate the transparency. As a business owner myself, I know the drill. As much as I’d like to see prices stay the same, we don’t always get that choice. There is always a new expense coming down the pike. I’m glad to see GORUCK continuing to support American manufacturing as well. Keep it up and well done.

  34. Keith Burns says:

    hi jason i have a gr1 gr2 and the field case , love em , got a tear developing on my gr2 strap this pack has seen a lot use, how do i get it repaired? cheers #strayamate

  35. Dude says:

    Not sure how you qualify the term “tough guy”, I think you mean opinionated. Yes you are inviting opinions here as I just mentioned. Back to the point which is that you are sharing your comments to illicit a verbal conflict and are now trying to progress one. Apparently you are baiting people into fighting over a political party or stance.

  36. Dude says:

    “Tariffs are a FACT of trade that have existed for A LONG time” versus “I strongly believe that this is due to Trump’s tariffs” are two different statements here. You started with an opinion and linked it to a political party. If these have existed for such a long time then how can you believe they are due to one administration or another. I think you see what you are implying here.

  37. Goruck is a rip-off says:

    It doesn’t cost $400 to manufacture a backpack in the US. It just doesn’t. Mystery Ranch does the same thing at arguably even better quality for $100-$200 less. This is incompetence and greed on Goruck’s part, someone there doesn’t know what they’re doing. But hey don’t worry you have your loyal band of idiots who shout duhhdahhh duhhh #’MERICA BRO yea I’ll pay $500 for a backpack because it supports vets! Quit playing the Vet card Goruck and manipulating people that way. If they really want to support veterans they’ll donate to charities not buy your overpriced bags and $150 pants lolololol

  38. John Adams says:

    Huh, I see a number of $600 and $800 packs at Mystery Ranch.

    No one’s forcing you to be here. If you don’t like the prices, just go away. You’re trolling.

  39. James M. says:

    I have three GR1’s with another on the way, and one GR2. (I admit I bought three of those used, but I was more concerned with available color and camo patterns as opposed to cost.) Is $395 “too much” for a bag? Probably. Should we pay that much to continue to support an American small business that delivers the best damn quality product in its class? Ruck yes! You have this happy customer’s full support—I’ll continue to purchase from GoRuck and won’t hesistate to do so.

  40. Jeff Hardy says:

    Jason – Just FYI: you might want to reach out to Pete Roberts at Origins in Maine. See: I subscribe to Pete’s podcast and have learned much about the trials and tribulations of American manufacturing in a rapidly growing market. From his demeanor on the airwaves I know he would be willing to share lessons learned with you. Keep on charging!

  41. strength531 says:

    I am a fan of the rucks. I have a GR0 and a GR1, very high quality items. I use them for both casual travel and fitness activities as I am an avid fitness enthusiast. I have only completed 1 challenge at age 52 but support the concept and experience and the perspective it can bring to those who have not experienced true adversity that exists both on and off the battlefield. I support military and 1st responders unconditionally, my son puts his life on the line every day.

    Regardless of how ignorant I am of the Goruck business plan, I think the operating cost issue can be addressed there, as opposed to price increases. Goruck has chosen to expand their brand into a myriad of product lines rather than focus on a core set of products central to their core values. Under Armour did the same thing. They make fantastic hot/cold weather performance related gear. They tried to leverage that by making shoes and hats and hoodies and socks and fitness apps are willing to put their logo on anything you put on your body or may be connected to fitness. The quality of products not central to their strengths (e.g. shoes) sucks. Their stock value took a dive, and I think it was due to that growth strategy.

  42. redhead says:

    The GR1 was my first GoRuck bag five years ago. I don’t ruck… yet… but the GR1 is my everyday bag and been on countless planes as a carry-on all across the country. My only regret is not getting it as soon as it came out. Considering all the bags I’ve gone through, the fact that my GR1 is so versatile, that I’ll never have to buy another bag again, and the one I have will be passed down to my son when I die 40 years from now… it’s well worth the cost, even with the increase.

  43. John says:

    The point made is still valid, mystery ranch packs may cost more in some cases. However they’re also purpose built and significantly better designed for that purpose. On top of that they’re quite a bit larger in a lot of The packs. The GR series are what amounts to a overpriced clam shell pack with practically no organization unless you buy they’re equally overpriced add on. Look at mystery ranch and and several other manufactures and you’ll find great designs, build quality and finish for significantly less and in several cases USA made with equally great warranties. No way in hell is there a legitimate reason for 30% price increase. They’re already going for 300 dollars. That’s a 90 price hike! Even a 20% increase would still be 60 bucks.

  44. Terry Hughes says:

    My wife and ran a painting business for 21 years. At start up we determined quality and service were the only worthwhile, sustainable values from the triangle. Price was most of our competitors tool of choice. Our reputation grew along with our business. Yes we sold our name through marketing and word of mouth. That’s business. I can tell you from my experience quality and service always wins even in tough economic times. Never sell out you’re customers with cheap products or services. My prices for materials and labor went up. Customers who desired quality and understand its value purchased our services. I’m thrilled with my GR2 and look forward to meet new boots in Oct. Carry on soldier, keep up the good work. Good bless you all.

  45. John says:

    Look up Recycled Firefighter USA made, small company, same materials half the price. But way to play the vet card. Go ruck is nothing but a fraud car payment for a clamshell backpack!?

  46. Ken says:

    Your customer service is complete shit and now I find out you’re jacking up prices by 30%!? Are you actively trying to sabotage your own company?

  47. Miguel says:

    Since there’s a mix of negative and positive I might as well give my honest opinion too. When I first heard about this company I was honestly interested in the event itself not so much of the product. Reason is because I’m in the Military and the events have a similarity except GORUCK events are led by either active or ex SF Operators which is a treat. Also the events are a preparation for me into the secret squirrel club so that is bang for my buck.

    I’ve used mil-spec rucks which would last me at least a year or so and then it breaks. Which would mean I would be spending a couple of hundred bucks here and there and it would eventually add up in the long run. So I decided to buy the GR1. I’ve had the GR1 less than a year and I don’t honestly see any sort of pre-wear signs yet. I treat the GR1 like any gear I own so it’s definitely doing its job.

    When I buy gears it’s always for functionality, purpose, and longevity. Yes the price come into play but you get what you paid for. For example, if purchasing an armour plate you wouldn’t want to go with the cheapest option just because you’re trying to save money, but at the same time you want to do your own research and if the product suits your needs. This applies to any products/items really.

    So Jason from a Military member to another thank you for starting this company and creating/giving opportunity to Vets too. I’ve haven’t reached that point in my career( being a Vet) but once I do perhaps one day I can contact you to work for your company or something.

  48. Cascadia says:

    For all of those complaining, remember that Washington State has one of the highest minimum wages in the nation. Minimum wage in Seattle is $15/hour. Our state has worked hard to make sure that employees in all industries are compensated with living wages. The people making your bags are being paid fairly, as they should be. Thank you, Jason, for providing jobs in our beautiful state.

  49. carlos says:

    I am sad for the news and I am sorry that in these years you have not been able to optimize the production to compensate at least partially this rise in costs, but I’m sure there will always be people willing to pay the new prices. Maybe you could introduce a simpler and cheaper backpack

  50. Nuno Alves says:

    This is the WORST time for a price increase since Goruck started. Back then there ware way less competition in this segment. More offer, lower prices and diversity in design/features from copycats dilute Goruck brand proposition.

    Just look out there… the “tacticool” options available to choose from are just insane. Even Nixon backpacks have some interesting designs these days.

    Either this is a publicity stunt from Goruck to come back a few months from now delivering the good news price have decreased or this is just a very bad move for the brand.

    Either way, it doesn’t play well on Goruck 🙁

  51. Dude says:

    I don’t see any bags that resemble the goruck bags. Not the same materials, firehose is just that, firehose.

  52. Dude says:

    I’m sad to see so many people complain like this. Not only complain but make a lame attempt to guilt someone into giving them a “break” or making comparisons to other products that aren’t the same. Reminds me of the low life people you encounter on craigslist when you try to sell something. I hear all the half-@ss attempts to make me feel like a schlep because I won’t let them haggle me into the ground. “Hey can’t you give me that 100 dollar item for 15 dollars?” “The guy down the street will sell me your item for $5” Then you say, “Why are you still haggling me then?” Then they lose their temper. These folks would make great scam artists because they are trying to con the seller with those kinds of lame comments. They know the item is excellent condition but they will nit-pick every trivial thing as if it lowers the value. Hey your bags don’f come with a selfie stick holder so they are “shit”. Ahhhh! I have you now! You owe me a 90% discount. I have a better idea, if all you lamers out there want to wine about all this crap then why don’t you take a million and start your own manufacturing company and make something better. No? Oh, didn’t think so. Wait I hear the Whaaaaaambulance coming. LOL.

  53. Ryan says:

    I’m glad i for my gear before the price increase. Your former pricing was high as it is.
    You cater so much to military men and woman but did you stop to think about the income of you’re grunts protecting our country? Oh but they get 25% off… which is now your former full price. I love you’re gear but don’t expect you to sell much more of it. Good luck in you’re upcoming months

  54. Anthony Moauro says:

    Steve Jobs knew what APPLE would represent as a product to the world and then built it like no other with features matched by none. You have built clothing that looks smart like no other that will last with regular use for YEARS! I recently made another purchase of clothing and will buy more. I am a tegular guy having never derved in the armed forces. The concept of RUCKING appeals to me because it combines walking/hiking/balance/weight tesistance/cardio in one compact exercise. I will bepurchasing your GORUCK equipment because it will serve as a long lasting ine-time purshase.

    Tony Moauro, Shorewood, Illinois

  55. Kurt says:

    Price increases suck. I could buy a cheaper bag. However, I’d only end up comparing that bag to the GR1’s construction.

    I can’t swing another bag right now, but I’m hoping I can offload my previous gear to offset my inevitable purchase of the GR2.

    Thanks for upholding your standard and keeping Goruck stateside. You’ve got a lifelong customer.

  56. Mike B says:

    I received my GR1 in June 2012….I have used it as a commuter, exercise ruck, weekend hike and travel bag…So basically it has been used everyday hauling all my nerd gear, laptop, family and dog gear, etc. (Give or take a few weekends or on vacation). Rain, Shine, New England winters, a couple of spartan races and it’s still here. The only problem has been some zipper sticking, but that’s on me for not cleaning her. Once that was done and the zippers lubed, problem solved. My only upgrade was a stiffer frame sheet. So, 6 years of everyday use…and I don’t see it breaking down anytime soon and can see more years in the future. My return on investment is complete. If something catastrophic happens and I need to buy another GR1…then $395 it is.

  57. Dude says:

    Sure will.. they are two totally different bags. They look or function nothing like eachother. Materials the same.. a nice porcelain plate and a toilet are made from the same material.. so whats your point about materials?

  58. Jazz says:

    Mystery Ranch doesn’t charge $400 for a medium sized no frills backpack… Besides, Mystery Ranch uses a superior weight distribution system. $400 for a GoRuck is very expensive… there’s no denying that.

  59. Dude says:

    No frills is subject to personal preference. What you consider “no frills” I might consider meeting a specific need. Load distribution being superior, again depends on the personal preference. 400 being expensive? again depends on what you consider expensive. Before I had increases in salary I thought a 12,000 car was “expensive” but as my budget allowed for a 25,000 car, expensive was relative to what I had. There are a lot of folks that can afford 400 for a bag and don’t mind paying for it so on that note I still don’t understand why everyone is complaining. Don’t like the product then go buy somewhere else, no point trying to take your anger out on folks. You people are wasting your time with words that mean nothing to the rest of us that like the product.

  60. Jason F says:

    What awful timing! I’m disabled, still recovering from an awful neck and back injury so my funds are light, yet this pack would be perfect for keeping things i need close while going to doctors appointments or just out. I was mousing spare funds away to get one of these packs, and now I find out the price has gone up. Pure suffering.

  61. Brian says:

    This comment certainly did age well considering the move to overseas manufacturing. “HooYah GoRuck!!!”? Lol, calm down James. This is a backpack and you’ve been bamboozled by marketing. Look at yourself.

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