PRESS: Veterans Day perspectives from ‘Connecting Vets’

From Connecting Vets:

We spoke with McCarthy days before he’s set to serve as honorary Grand Marshal of the NYC Veterans Day parade. Considering his past as a Green Beret and his founding of a company that’s heavily focused on building a community through events like voluntary ruck marches, it’s not too surprising that he sees Veterans Day as an opportunity for vets and civilians to get out and make an effort to understand each other.

“Go do something together, how about that? Y’know? Talk to each other. It’s really simple. It’s not necessarily just go donate money or just go do something anonymously. That’s great, a lot of non-profits need funding, I’m not saying don’t do that. But more powerful than that is to sort of let your heart get run over, go strike up a conversation, go do something… go do something that brings people together over the cause of veterans.”

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