PRESS: Run Lift Mom Podcast featuring Emily McCarthy of GORUCK

S2E1: Ruck It with Emily McCarthy of GORUCK

“I was excited to interview Emily from GORUCK HQ. Listeners of the show know that I have long been a fan of the brand they have a built, so I’m definitely fangirling a bit here. We are going to discuss the GORUCK brand story, Emily’s role in it as well as girl power. And of course, Rucking.”
– Suzy Goodwin of Run Lift Mom

Rundown of the podcast:

  • 2:00 What is rucking as a fitness trend?
  • 3:30 military and government work background
  • 5:00 the importance of readiness in any season of life
  • 7:00 company origins
  • 10:00 what events are like, culture around lifestyle
  • 13:00 working in a masculine brand space as a female
  • 16:00 why rucking makes sense for new Moms
  • 18:00 camaraderie among women, finding tribe
  • 20:00 what happens at ruck club meet ups
  • 23:00 meeting you where you are in fitness level
  • 25:00 Emily’s experience at the marine corps marathon under load
  • 27:00 rapid fire

About Suzy: Fact: none of us know what we’re doing when it comes to parenting. Join Suzy Goodwin, former Guinness World Record holder, marathon runner & triplet mom, for quick bites of actionable advice & interviews around running, lifting, and momming.

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