Monster and the GR1: Website Update Sort Of Not Really

Monster_GR1 Behind the Scenes Video Shoot
New starts force action and review, always worthy opponents to the game of yeah but let’s look forward not backward. And then some advertising type tells us we need to do a better job of selling GR1 and my initial reaction is poo poo but only because I know he’s right and I know the work involved and it’s not the work I’d prefer to be doing. There I said it and yes, I know it’s our best seller and you’re wise to focus on doing what you do great better than just trying new other stuff. This is what I tell everyone else anyway and blah blah blah I’m not listening.

Places run commercials because they work. Some are bad, others good. How the ubiquitous they determine what exactly to do and how to approve terrible ones and how much to spend I have no idea, nor do I much think about it probably at this point to our benefit but in the future, to our demise.

But here’s what I do know is that authentic never gets old and take us as we are I’m a lover of Monster and Monster is representative of something magical and pure. Sure maybe I’m too this or I’m too that, maybe you dislike my voice or my boots or my jokes aren’t funny and criticism is easy to summon least of all from you most of all from me of me as perfection is the goal and tough to come by.

But everyone loves Monster he’s perfect and he’s the face of GORUCK. I say that with pride of substance because aside his recent desires to wake me up with the sun just to let me know it’s rising, all is well in our stratosphere and I’m lucky to have him if he’s lucky to have me. I digress.

Sunday Funday and it’s me and Monster and Andy at HQ to not feel good about a normal 15 and 30 second ad about the GR1 as it would be something like hey I’m Jason this is Monster here’s the GR1 it’s tough and beautiful here’s some video of it address the features but in a tough sounding kind of way then skip to the end and summarize that it’s GORUCK and the GR1 and end with Monster. As outlines are always appreciated for their stiffness, a little bending of the rules never hurt anyone who stayed sane because they did.

And then Andy-man the one who did all those Selection feeds and so much more shot some vid and I played with the star look here do this … errrrrrr … back up. The star was a bit energetic so I biked him around for 20 minutes then brought him back then Andy looked at me with that look about how now it’s not right because the star won’t stop panting so I guess we’ll just wait on him. Oh to be the star!

Eventually as a non-descriptive word of time passed the Monster was ready and we carpe diemed the moment and Bam! coming to our new website and/or a sidebar on whatever other websites you enjoy sometime soon probably before Christmas since that’s when everyone feels most comfortable justifyin’ the buyin’.

Tough and Beautiful is such a rare combination. You’ll see, and you’ll be entertained.

Behind the scenes of the after the scenes at GORUCK HQ on a beautiful Sunday in TGIFlorida below. Teaser style of course but you’ll get the point and sometimes don’t you wish you saw the Monster before all the editing and fancy stuff makes him all beautiful. Oh wait …


  1. Vera says:

    Monster is so adorable! I love this breed. Side note…I am watching, “That Which I Love Destroys Me” and I admire you so much. You truly are an inspiration and your work is amazing.

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