Monster and the Beach: A Prequel

Team Room rules state that if you admit to doing something for the first time, you owe a case of beer. My dad taught me long ago that beer is what money’s for and like father like son and yes, this is the first time I ever took Monster to the beach and the beer’s on ice at the Team House. Come one, come all.

And yeah, Monster rules the roost and yes he’s adorable. But occasionally, a stern talking to is in order to make him appreciate the moment before it happens. Because it works like that with the youth, right?

Or just get to the point and that means a real warm-up.

And then he knew it was about to get real. Sort of like how ha ha sure I’ll do a Challenge in Boston in January (Lou’s leading all of those from now on btw) and hope it’s not too cold. If you go to the beach you’re getting wet, that’s the deal and you’re lucky we did that warm-up prior and begging Kit to save you will get you nowhere.




Nothing is ever as bad as we fear it to be and you can run pretty much anything off if you have to.

I’m sorry and I love you but you gotta embrace it just a little more. These are serious lessons to be learned.


But not that serious. For one of us at least.


In case you were wondering, yes I’m in love with Monster.





It’s amazing what Monster can make look cute.

And we got this thing going where he runs up to my feet and sits down and that means he’s done. Or that he wants me to pick him up, depending on the stare. Yes, I speak Monster.


So back to the Team House and since this was his first time and all he had no idea that I don’t love sand in my bed so out comes the hose and he may not fully get it but he learns fast so away he runs.



No, I didn’t throw him in the trash.

Yes, cold and wet warrants this kind of a stare.

But it makes the hot coffee taste that much better. And some of the best moments in life come after some of the coldest. And cold and wet isn’t that bad once it’s over and either way Monster doesn’t like to air dry like Cuba in Jerry MaGuire and I’m fine with that and every day might as well be a beach day. Whether there’s a beach in your backyard or not.



  1. Vince says:

    Thank you for the post Jason – he looks like quite an awesome pup. I hope to meet him one of these days!

  2. Ivan says:

    “Nothing is ever as bad as we fear it to be and you can run pretty much anything off if you have to.” “Some of the best moments in life come after some of the coldest.” Posts like this are a big part of why I love GORUCK. Jason’s SF wisdom laced into everyday life.

  3. Shannon says:

    It’s great to see a new little fur baby take his journey in the big ocean for the first time. Super cute! It’s so great to be able to have them with you during your daily routine.

  4. Major Smoof says:

    Heading to our place in Atlantic Beach tomorrow. Hope to see you and Monster on the beach; maybe he can meet Merlin and Enzo!!

  5. Roman Rauhala says:

    So my daughter just said “He’s the cutest little monster I’ve ever seen, he’s perfect for GORUCK daddy”

  6. IzzysMom says:

    So good to see you and Monster at the beach! Great training for the pup and good medicine for you, Jason!

  7. Dutch says:

    I’m glad to be able to read your stuff from over here. Makes home feel a little closer. Cheers.

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