Merry Christmas From the Kind of Place Where Santa Needs Armed Guards

Cadre Dan promised me a Christmas picture and of course it’s him and a couple of the guys in their best Ho Ho Ho outfit being awesome and full of smiles from the kind of place where Santa needs armed guards.

We’re all lucky to have guys like Dan who always say Send Me, guys (and gals) who have missed too many holidays at home. All we can really say is God Bless and Merry Christmas and if you’re with your loved ones today, as I am, don’t take it for granted.

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  1. papazian says:

    São Rapazes (herois) que estão no Afeganistão, Iraque que garante nossa liberdade e segurança na Terra , onde estão longe de suas familias e entes queridos….D´us Abençoes diariamente as vidas dos nossos valentes (herois), encarar uma guerra não e para qualquer mame…

    > > < <

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