Kill That 5K … then Kill a Free Beer. Whacha think GORUCK Nation?

Three cities live, lots more Kill That 5K to come. What I’m curious of are your thoughts on how the Kill That 5K sounds and here’s a brief preface please challenge me on it if you disagree: our Kill That 5K is different because (1) it’s rucking and (2) it’s fun/social/etc. There are no other rucking 5K’s (nice ring, eh?) and almost no 5K’s are fun by our aka Monster and GORUCK’s definition. So here’s the pitch slow and straight to get you and your friends rucking Kill That 5K style, let me know whacha think:

Kill That 5K with a ruck on…
Then Kill A Free Beer at the greatest after party any 5K has ever seen.

Most 5K’s are lame cause they start too early in the morning and you don’t meet anyone and you eat a banana and you leave. We believe Beer>Bananas so GORUCK 5K’s start in the late afternoon where you and your friends ruck to free beers and the greatest after-party any 5K has ever seen.

If you wanna compete to get to the beers sooner, that’s cool, too. It’s called ruck racin’ and no bananas await but prizes do, in addition to the free beer.

Details plus humor etc.
Details plus humor etc.

The End of the description comes and you see a beautiful picture of Beer>Bananas and the Sign Up Now button at and do you wanna sign up that’s my question. And your answer is …



  1. Todd says:

    Hi! Can’t wait to hit the Tampa 5k!! Making a road trip just for it!! Any idea if you guys will do one in Dallas?

  2. jason says:

    Hey Todd yeah the great state of Texas is on the list for sure it’s just a question of which city and permitting and blah blah. Short answer: yes. Or close by Texas standards.

  3. DB says:

    Old 1st Grouper that’s going to have to throw the big, green tick on and Kill the San Diego 5K! See you there I hope Jason.

  4. Kngskd says:

    I keep checking everyday for the Seattle date to sign up. I am SO looking forward to it! The only thing that will keep me away is if my grand baby chooses the same day for his/her debut.
    By the way, I prefer MGD 😉

    Go Navy!

  5. Bob says:

    Looking forward to this event. Signed up for the Tampa Light in October but had to bail when I started Chemo. I’ll still be on the juice but, with the encouragement of my teammates, I WILL cross the finish line! Setback=Comeback!!

  6. Nino says:

    The Kill It 5k (San Diego) will be my first GoRuck Event. I’ll will be with other RWB members and was curious about a packing list/ items necessary for this event?

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