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Happy Mother’s Day! I had a few minutes to chat with Emily our GRHQ mom.

Are you the first female Senior GRT and what class number?

I was Class 003 in NYC and I did it to be the first female to complete a GORUCK Tough Challenge. After, I found out somebody had already beat me to the punch at Class 001 in San Francisco.  I don’t know her name, but I’m sure Jason does. (For the record, it’s Adrienne Diebold Class 001.)


So, you’re number 2? That’s cool.

Sort of…


Are all you GRT moms as bad ass as Navy SEALs?

You know, I think Navy SEALs are prettier.


I have found in GORUCK events I have done the women they out perform the guys, and fuss and complain way less.

Absolutely, we have a way higher tolerance for pain, agony, and shit talking.


What is harder a GORUCK event or being a mom to three kids?

The three kids. I tell Jason for Mother’s Day, let me do a GORUCK event so I can have 12 hours of peace and quiet. It’s actually more than 12 hours because you have to prep beforehand and hang out afterwards. So it’s like a 16 hour vacation.


What is harder a GORUCK event or managing Jason?

Jason. I actually manage 4 kids, including Jason, and Monster helps me out a little bit. I had an incident this morning where I was biking to work. I had to pull over and puke 5 times. I was feeling pregnant, I called Jason and told him to come pick me up I am about to pass out or something. He never picks up his phone, I just jumped back on my bike and suffered through it. His point is always “see I told you, you could do it”.


Last Question, who is your favorite Cadre?

Garrett, best event I ever did was led by him. All my others Jason was Cadre. 


Thank you Emily and we hope you have a great Mother’s Day and thank you keeping all of us here at GRHQ in line.

GRHQ wishes a Happy Mother’s Day to all you bad ass moms!





Christopher Goad

AKA Bomber



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