Never Quit Moving

Over all the years I’ve been on this planet the one point that continues to guide me is to remain active and never quit moving.

As a kid virtually all of my activities, when not in school, were outdoors – playing sports or roaming the neighborhood and its environs with my friends – we were always moving – either at play or organized sports (read football and baseball).

This set the standard for the rest of my life – to keep moving. Joining the Army furthered and refined these practices. Instead of just wandering around I found myself carrying 60 to 80+ pound rucksacks and traveling farther than I ever had before. I also found the old school exercises that I still fall back on today – pushups, situps, flutter kicks and rucking. But be open to new techniques.  Don’t limit yourself to only one type of exercise – mix it up. As I aged I mixed strength training with yoga which helped me to maintain muscle and at the same time increase flexibility and therefore mobility.  The most important thing is – keep moving in the way that’s best for you.

Another aspect of wellness I developed was proper nutrition and supplementation. After 2,500 parachute jumps my knees were talking to me. After much research I found glucosamine and chondroitin which greatly help. These along with a few other nutrients keep me healthy and relatively fit. I encourage everyone to take a good look at their nutrition plan and adjust as needed – there is no one answer to fit all.

Lastly, be a mentor to others – share your expertise and knowledge with those around you. Service to others is the highest calling. Help build better human beings, who will build better communities, who will build better nations. 

As Marcus Aurelious said, “Ask not what a good man is – Be one”.

Richard Rice
5th Special Forces Group
US Army 1966-94

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