PRESS: Beer, Sweat and Family – First Coast Brews Goes Rucking

GORUCK isn’t just a company, it’s a family.

A family made up of everyone from fitness gurus to the recreational dabbler. From soccer moms to hardcore CrossFit competitors and yes, even craft beer lovers.

Ruck is short for rucksack, or backpack as we tend to call it here in the States. The act of rucking involves moving with one’s rucksack, an activity that the crew at GORUCK are crazy about.

“We try to get people out there and active through rucking, carrying weight on your back, going for a walk, but also doing it in a community,” says Kit Klein, who handles Business Development with GORUCK. “So getting together with your friends, going and grabbing some beer, having a good time and enjoying what you do together.”

Rucking combines strength with cardio, and is adaptable to anyone’s goals based on the amount of weight carried in your ruck. It’s a great activity for those who may not like traditional exercise.

Oh yeah, there’s also beer.

Klein says that the group regularly rucks from their headquarters in Jacksonville Beach to local breweries and taprooms in the area. Not only does it provide a nice break in-between ruck sessions, but it’s ingrained into their culture.

‘We’re all about drinking beer and having a good time,” says Klein. “I mean our beer fridge around HQ is stocked full of Bud Heavy. We like to get together and drink beer and celebrate.. we do it because we’re a community and we like to get together.”

On Wednesday night the crew rucked up to Southern Swells brewery a few blocks away.

This wasn’t just an outing for the adults though. Some ruckers also brought their children along for the walk. Zooming by on skateboards or peacefully hanging out in strollers, the kids were loving every minute of being outside in the beautiful fall weather.

When they got to the brewery, however, lines were drawn. Parents gravitated towards the bar while the kids started building with legos and letting off some steam.

“Beer is just so refreshing, and it brings everyone together,” said one of the ruckers as he ordered a New England Style IPA. “The kids are having a blast and we’re entertained. Plus, what’s better than a cold drink after a long ruck?”

The GORUCK crew regularly leads rucking expeditions, builds gear, and helps organize community events. They hope their efforts help embolden and strengthen the community in which they live through bonds of friendship and family.

A close-knit family, with a rucking problem.


This article was originally published by Casey Feindt with First Coast Brews.

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