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Disobedience in Boulder, Colorado

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about how many tickets we’ve racked up since our adventure began. We are experts at talking our way out of them, so the answer was zero, but Boulder had something to prevent yet another cop from loving our story and letting us off with a warning. The GORUCK Truck in lead, Jack following in disobedience. Captured on camera, Jack coolly runs the red in a friend’s truck. Ticket count for Team GORUCK now stands at 1, but stay tuned, a lot of miles left to cover.

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Pikes Peak Ascent, Colorado

Coming back to Colorado Springs is always a special time for me. I was stationed here and still have family roots here. Brothers I've shared time all over the world with, and would do anything in the world for, are included in the family part. As we were planning GORUCK's nationwide launch this summer, ascending Pikes Peak, one of the storied and certainly most famous of the 14-ers in Colorado's Rockies, with a bunch of my brothers was tops on my list. And as time is precious in life and time with old friends even more so, this is an adventure I'll remember till the day I die.

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